Testimonials for LibiXplode

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It Works!

I got this for my husband because he said he wanted to try it. I’m so glad he did and so is he! His stamina was increased and the fun last a lot longer.- Stacy, Amazon Reviewer

Excellent, high quality male enhancer supplement

Excellent, high quality male enhancer supplement. This product is great for intensifying libido and sex drive and it really does work great! These pills are easy to swallow, not too big, and don’t leave you with a bad aftertaste or any bad side effects.- AMZJunkie, Amazon Reviewer

It definitely does what it says

It definitely does what it says. It says it takes around 40-90min. It was closer to 90mins for me, but when it started working it started working. I would encourage people to watch their intake of any B vitamin or “energy” supplement with this as there is a decent amount of that in these pills. The first time I took this, while still working, I had some nervous energy. And its right on the label to watch this, but lets be real no one is reading the label for these types of pills usually lol. The second time I used it I didn’t take any B vitamin or “energy” supplement & there were no negative side effects. 5 star sexual enhancement product.- HefyBanks, Amazon Reviewer

We had talked about trying a product like this to spice things up but he’s…

There is an 18 year age difference between my husband and I and since he has entered his 50s things in the bedroom have kinda slowed down a bit. We had talked about trying a product like this to spice things up a bit but he’s been hesitant. He decided that this product was one he was willing to try because it is an herbal formula and we could get it without a RX or him having to actually speak the words out loud that things have been weak in the bedroom. Excuse me in advance if this seems blunt but you want an idea if this is gonna work for you so here it goes: So he took it and we waited 60 minutes and I guess he expected to just look down and see a rock hard erection and we’d go at it. That was not the case. However after a small amount of stimulation “it” was very responsive. The entire sexual experience was more better than normal. He seemed more into it, his energy level was increased, he lasted longer than normal. We even explored positions and things that we haven’t done in years. I can’t wait to try it again lol. God I hope Amazon doesn’t kick me out for writing this!- TLEE, Amazon Reviewer

Male enhancement pills

I ordered this product for my husband not because he has any issues in the bedroom, but because it is kind of one of our jokes that he wanted to try make enhancement pills to see what they would do. My husband is 32 and I am 27. Per the instructions, my husband took the pill a little while before we planned to go to bed. He commented after a while that he felt a bit tingly and felt a surge of energy. When we slept together, I noticed he was ready earlier and lasted longer. In the morning, my husband told me that he had been up multiple times during the night with a racing heart, unable to sleep. We know it was probably this pill because that’s the only thing we did different. I re-read the instructions and they say clearly to not take with any other caffeine (he had an energy drink before work in the evening), and to not take at all if you have heart or blood pressure issues (he does not). Still, we decided we were satisfied with the product and next time will take earlier in the evening and not with any other forms of energy.- Abi Fasciano , Amazon Reviewer


I tried this product Friday night and took 45 minutes before activity. When I engaged nothing special happened. I lasted the normal 10-15 minutes (totally sober) I was kind of disappointed and went to sleep. When I woke up my d*** was so hard it hurt I rubbed it on my gf and we started to have sex. After about 45 minutes I cummed and my d*** was still rock. I was rock hard all day and night at will. I would definitely take much earlier like around lunch next time. Overall it worked and I would defiantly purchase.- ron, Amazon Reviewer

Increased sensitivity but also increased endurance. Rock hard results

Bought these to try with my boyfriend. He’s much older than I am and it does come into play sometimes in the bedroom. These are all natural which was an important factor for us as we try to use only natural products in and on our bodies. (soaps, detergents, supplements over meds, food etc) These gave us great results. I know everyone reacts differently to different products but for us this really enhanced our experience together. He was extremely hard and said that he had increased sensitivity but even with that he lasted and lasted. There was a warm up period but one he got going I could definitely tell a difference. I would definitely recommend trying these if you’re looking for a little assistance and spark in the bedroom.- Jessica, Amazon Reviewer

Great product, works very well

My husband is in his mid-thirties. Lately he’s been having some minor issues in bed. So, when we were given the opportunity to try libiXplode at a promotional price to share my thoughts, I was hoping it would make a difference. We were not disappointed. This natural make enhancement definitely worked at enhancing our bedroom experience. We were both very impressed with the outcome.- K. Lopshire, Amazon Reviewer

Little Red Pill

I got these for my husband, who is generally very fatigued from working long hours lately, in the hopes this would give him the boost we were looking for, and I can say they have truly delivered! He took one about an hour before we would have any alone time, and not too long after, with only a kiss and a look, BAM, he was ready to go! I can’t believe the stamina and energy this little red pill gives him! I didn’t even think it was possible to get these kind of results with a prescription, thank god I’ve found LibiXplode! I would highly suggest this to any couple, even if you are not having problems and just wanna add a little something extra, this is the product for you! Forget the little blue pill, the little RED pill is the new thing!- Jamie S, Amazon Reviewer

try them!

We are not spring chickens anymore and love to try new things so when this was offered to me during a promotion for my honest review I was happy to test it out. It arrived very quickly, was sealed very well and was not damaged. We have never had a problem in this area but love to try new stuff, and if its natural, why not? from experience with other enhancement pills we have learned, they work better if you take them on an empty stomach or eat very lite. He took this, took a shower and watched some TV while i showered and dried my hair, it was a total of maybe 45 minutes, I slipped into bed next to him and the rest is history. i will not go into detail, but these work perfectly as described.- MD reviews, Amazon Reviewer

we love this brand

This a herbal medicine which is safe to try, my husband tried this and it’s so effective to him, it’s getting longer the effect, we really enjoy this brand, we love it!- Just to be ME, Amazon Reviewer